Bonchurch Ltd is a small company and this works to our advantage in the type of work we carry out.  We specialise in high-end residential projects ranging from £500k to £4m.  These particular jobs demand detailed attention, consistent care and regular communication with architects, engineers, designers and clients.

For this reason, we only ever take on 3-4 projects at any one time so that we can ensure they run smoothly, on budget, on time and to the high quality finish that we take so much pride in.

We keep our organisational structure very simple and compact so that there is always a constant throughout any project and only a small team of people to deal with.  With this small, efficient team we avoid the stress and complications of repeated instructions, misunderstandings, too many emails, communication breakdown, and all the other potential stumbling blocks in the very hectic process of a building project.

We keep it very simple.

For day to day site issues, our experienced foreman is there from start to finish throughout the program on his mobile or email.  For any delivery/order/admin issues, Helen is in the office full time to deal with them quickly and thoroughly.

For cost / design / program /contract issues there is Sam, supported by Lawrence, to oversee everything and deliver to the high standard that we pride ourselves on.